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Francisco y Anita

overcast 18 °C

Francisco and Anita have put us up for 4 days. It has been great to have a base and people with local knowledge. They live in an apartment just to the south of Barcelona - it is light and airy. The little girls are very cute and most of the times are good friends until about an hour before bedtime. ´Happy Hour´as Anita calls it! They were shy for the first day but now they talk to us all the time. We can only understand half of it though - I´m sure they think we are really stupid spanish people when we don´t give the right answers.

Francisco and Anita helped us buy 2 mobile phones today and have given us lots of advice with places to see, timetables, phone number and general information which take visitors and especillay toursit a long time to work out. The phones are just for spain so we can keep in touch with each other and Max can have a little independence and freedom without getting lost forever. Max bought some sunglasses and a t-shirt so he look like a local now.

The time difference has not been any trouble at all coming this direction - it feels like compulsory sleeping-in each day. The biggest difference we are all finding are the times of the meals. Breakfast is about 10.30, lunch- the main meal is about 4.00pm and then a light evening meal at 9.30ish. I cooked today - fish, rice and salad - I thin they liked it.

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Las Ramblas

sunny 18 °C

Yesterday we went to the centre of Barcelona to the old quarter which is a warren of narrow winding streets and old buildings. It was fascinating. On Sundays people gather at the front of the cathedral and do a tradional dance. Anyone can form a cirlce and others join in if they know the steps. There is a live band which is with loud clarinet type instruments .... but some people can sleep anywhere.
band_sleeper.jpgjesus_mary.jpg dancers.jpg
(Fortunately we didn´t see or meet any pick-pockets.)

We wandered around the area and walked along the Ramblas - the famous walking street. It is very touristy but interesting. There were a lot of people and buskers everywhere - we saw some very good musicians, statues, mimes, jugglers, opera singers - just about everything you could imagine.

We began to look for a room or hostel for the next few days, and got some prices to compare - it all seems pricey. The big search will begin in earnest tomorrow. Hope it all works out.

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Estamos Aqui

overcast 16 °C

We have been here for one sleep so far and i must say it was a lovely sleep. We really don´t seem to be suffering jet lag AT ALL (cross fingers)- probably because we travelled 12 1/2hours in the night so managed to sleep somehow, except for poor Max - he got airsick and was up every 20 mins for the big night trip. He was really ready to sleep the night we got here.

We had our first and only travelling disaster (almost)on arrival in Barcelona. On disembarking we were sort of at the front of the queue and just followed the signs to baggage collection.(instead of following people) and ended up in a different baggage collection area. The only way we could get to the one where our bags were was to go outside completely and then enter again as if fly off again. Needless to say there was a lot of security checking and hand gestures and ticket waving - but we managed to get our luggage finally and leave. Apart from that adventure it was a very good, on time and bearable trip a bit long but I think we were so bouyed up we managed it all in good humour.

We saw an Easter Procession yesterday with the full statue carrying in the streets, people dressed in Klu Klux Klan-like costumes and snare drum bands.

IMG_6902.jpg IMG_6906.jpg

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On the Way



It is so good to be on the way. The last week was crazy with ever growing lists of things to do.

International plane travel has changed a lot since I last went OS or maybe it is just Singapore alirlines. Individual TV screens with an endless list of good movies to watch. The hardest part is deciding, then music too and computer games. The food was nice too and this is airplane food!

IMG_6791.jpg IMG_6811.jpg

But we were ready to get off. I had been trying to throw away an apple I still had with me since Wagga - but all the customs people have insisted that I take it with me. Now it has become a challenge to see if I can legally get it all the way to Barcelona.

The people in Singapore have all been friendly and helpful. It is clean and feels safe. The hotel too is very good - perhaps a bit 'young' but they are putting up with us - there is the hang out, chill out, zonk out, pig out, wash out, look out etc rooms. It is very aircondtioned, clean and breakfast included - so perfect.

IMG_6817.jpg IMG_6820.jpg

Today was hot -walk, fruit juice, walk, photos, eat, walk, fruit juice, photos, shop, walk - but we worked out the bus system and managed to spend most of our money so I suppose that is a success.

Next stop Barcelona. I'm not thinking about how long that is going to take.

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less than a week now

Today was my last day at work. It is getting pretty exciting now. I also picked up all our tickets so I guess that makes it official.

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